lithops in handmade cylindrical concrete pot

lithops in handmade cylindrical concrete pot

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Treat yourself to the latest craze, living stones, planted in our cylindrical 2" concrete plant pot, made by concrete queen, Sally

Lithops available: 

Lithops aucampiae

Lithops bromfieldii

Lithops fulviceps

Lithops hallii

Lithops hookeri

Lithops do well if they receive about 4 or 5 hours of direct (or only slightly filtered) sunlight during the early part of the day, and partial shade during the afternoon. Usually a southern window is the best location, unless it exposes the plants to full sunlight most of the day, which should be prevented. An unobstructed eastern exposure is a good alternative. A window facing west may be suitable, although not ideal, and of course a north facing window offers no direct sunlight at all. 
Watering is another important consideration that must be taken into account. Lithops have a definite yearly cycle of growth. While it is important to water at only certain stages of the cycle, it is just as important to keep the soil dry at other stages of their growth. Do not become discouraged if the suggestions for watering seem lengthy and confusing at first. As you became aware of how the growth cycle operates, you will find that knowing when and how to water the plants is actually a simple procedure. 

Lithops are perennial plants which develop a new pair of leaves each year. The leaf markings of any one particular plant change very little from year to year, and no two plants have markings exactly alike. Lithops begin growing during the fall, continue throughout the winter and into the spring. In late spring or early summer, the plants will begin to go dormant. In habitat, it is necessary for their survival to rest during the long period of intense heat and little or no rainfall, using what water they have stored previously to last the summer. With the approach of cooler and shorter days of the fall, Lithops will grow again. 

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