Marbled porcelain plant pot

Marbled porcelain plant pot

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Grab yourself a bargain with these handmade marbled porcelain plant pot. They are a faint blue/green colour, that we have had specifically made just for us, but unfortunately the pot was a little too small for the plant we had in mind, so you can grab yourself a deal! 

So the options are as followed:

- just the pot 

- one pot + an air plant

- one pot + a succulent planted inside

- one pot + a cactus planted inside

- three pots - empty - grab yourself a bargain! 

These pots fit the mini cacti and succulents in perfectly, in the 8.5cm pots. Also they are great for rings or stationery! 

Flat icosahedron - Measures 8.5cm wide and 4.5cm high

Made from the highest quality porcelain, which by nature is non porous so will retain all water.

Handmade by a young artisan in stoke on trent, UK. 

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