boskke self watering cube small

boskke self watering cube small

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geo-fleur are pleased to stock the small boskke self watering cube - perfect way to look after your needy plants if you keep forgetting.

There’s so much more to a plant than goes on above the soil. Our transparent Cube lets you see the whole show, soil, water and roots. They also make use of Slo-Flo irrigation technology so only require watering once every couple of weeks.


Single clear plant pot the clear plastic body reveals the water, soil and roots of the plant, allowing the growing of the plant to been seen. The clear body of the cube also acts as a water reservoir, supplying up to four weeks of the moisture through Boskke’s slo flo watering system.


Size: 122 x 122 x 121 mm


Please note this price is just for the planter, not the plant too.


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