Pre-order of Marimo Moss Balls

Pre-order of Marimo Moss Balls

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Pre-order the hype of the marimo moss balls - get yours here! Orders likely to be shipped end of February. 

MARIMO MOSS BALL (Aegagropila linnaei)

The name of Marimo (毬藻, Aegagropila linnaei) originated from Japanese botanist Tatsuhiko Kawakami (毬 ‘mari’ = ball and 藻 ‘mo’ = generic term for aquatic plants). Native to previously glaciated areas of the world including Japan, Russia, Iceland, and parts of North America - the Marimo’s shape is the result of freshwater lake motion. Marimo moss, as it’s known, is not actually moss at all, but a freshwater, fuzzy, filamentous green algal.

There are a couple of options how to pre-order your marimo moss balls.

You can order the marimo moss balls on their own,  or you can order our  Double Wall Minimal Aquarium - please select your request from the drop down. 

You can then select the precious stones to go inside the vessel, either Dalmation or Ametrine stones  

The vessel, marimo and stones will come packaged separately, and then you just add water to complete. 

Care instructions will be included of how to care for your moss balls. 


First image credit to Monsters Circus. New photoshoot image will be coming shortly with the finished item. 

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