Spider Plant

Spider Plant

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The spider plant, Chlorophytum, has been one of the most popular hanging basket plants for indoor use for many decades. It is now available in different varieties, making ownership more attractive than ever before! This particular variety, 'Ocean' is certainly very appealing. It has more green on the leaves than the usual variegated spider plant.

  • The foliage is green, with creamy white margins.
  • This is a great hanging basket plant.
  • The foliage will drape over the edges of the pot and young stock will grow on long stalks, eventually dangling down lower than the parent plant.
  • It is very good at filtering the air. The foliage can remove toxins from the environment and purify the indoor air.
  • Very easy to look after.
  • Give this plant average light levels - it can also tolerate low light.
  • Water regularly but do not allow the plant to stand in water.

Plant comes in it's 9cm plastic terracotta pot - extra option to add plant pot.


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