Haworthia Margaritifera

Haworthia Margaritifera


The largest member of the genus Haworthia, pearl plant looks like an aloe due to its relatively large rosettes of spotted, pointed leaves. This frost-tender, succulent perennial is native to southwestern South Africa where it receives rainfall mainly in winter. It grows from a fleshy, fibrous root system and slowly creates a cluster of plants in a pointy, mounded clump.

The plump, long, pointed leaves are rigid and succulent. They emerge from the center of the rosette. Each leaf is bright to olive-green, but winter chill or excessive drought stress will cause them to blush red. On the outer side of the leaves, hundreds of greenish-white bumps (tubercles) decorate the surface, making them look ornately spotted. A mature rosette produces an upright, wiry stem carrying tiny brownish-white tubular flowers in early summer.

Grow haworthia in any sandy, fast-draining soil that is slightly moist during the growing season. Soil should be drier during the winter months. A non-acid soil is ideal as is partial sun to bright filtered shade. Excessive sun and very dry soil causes leaves to turn red, curl and eventually dry out and die. Low ambient humidity is needed for best health.


Plant comes in it's plastic terracotta pot, 9.5cm.

Some difference may occur from the picture as this is a living item and variations in shape and colour should be expected. 

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