Vareigated Monstera

Vareigated Monstera


***Please note - these cuttings are very rare - once the first 12 cuttings have gone, there will be about a two month wait...***

Finally - we can share our variegated monstera that has been growing in Sophie's greenhouse! It's finally ready to go to new homes.

At the moment we have 12 cuttings for sale - which will come in an 8.5cm terracotta pot, with a coco pole for stability - not pictured here.

Plants will come with 2-3 leaves, and have substantial roots, leaves may not all be variegated, as young plants don't show all their markings all at once, but I can assure you with age they will.

If you'd like to collect from the geo-fleur shop at weekends only, please let me know. Act quick before they all sell out!

UK shipping only. 

You can also see the photo of the mother plant where the cuttings have come from - she's a beauty and my pride and joy! 

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