Open Terrarium Workshop at geo-fleur studio 20th April

Open Terrarium Workshop at geo-fleur studio 20th April


Details of the workshop:

20th April 7pm-8pm


15-19 Penny Brookes Street, East Village, Stratford, E20 1BN.

Come and get your hands dirty with our wonderful Terrarium making workshop at geo-fleur.

There are a few possibilities of how you can approach this workshop. You can either bring your own terrarium from home - there are some lovely vintage options at markets or at vintage fairs or you could buy your lovely terrarium from geo-fleur online or in our shop before the workshop.

geo-fleur will provide everything from the grit, soil to the cacti, showing you the steps to create your own miniature garden to take home with you. Also there will be advice to maintain your cacti, and inspiration to #KeepYourUrbanHouseGreen.

For each terrarium geo-fleur will provide 3  cacti on the evening, and then the relevant soil, grit and pebbles to make your terrarium shine.

Any questions please give us a shout at

Please note: Workshop tickets are nonrefundable and nonexchangeable. In the rare event of staff illness or undersubscribed workshops, geo-fleur reserve the right to cancel workshops at any time. If rescheduling is not possible the workshop ticket price will be refunded. We are not in a position to offer participants compensation for travel and accommodation.

This workshop has a maximum capacity of 6 people, so the workshop is intimate and you get 1-1 tuition. 


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